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Abibiman Daakye Adwumakuo, shortened as ADA, is a youth empowerment movement rooted in Ghana. We are involved in decolonization and global education.

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We offer sustainable education to the younger ones and the general public with the aim of triggering possible solutions. Through our activities like workshops, commercials, interviews, songs, events, literature and more, we reach out to the masses on various ADA topics.

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[gva_box_color text_style=”white” image=”4613″ title=”★ Decolonization” color=”#bb912e” link=”https://ada-gh.com/decolonization/” text_link=”Read More” height=”200px”]Decolonization is about “cultural, psychological, and economic freedom” for Indigenous people with the goal of achieving Indigenous sovereignty[/gva_box_color]
[gva_box_color text_style=”white” image=”4164″ title=”★ Global Education” color=”#8ea940″ link=”https://ada-gh.com/global-education/” text_link=”Read More” height=”200px”]Global education  is an educational concept. It sees itself as an educational response to the demands that we have to face as a result of the globalization of all life processes.[/gva_box_color]
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Volunteer helping Sankofa Mbofra Fie

with Communications and Management


A compilation of songs that Ghanaian youngsters can relate to. Have fun!


ADA supports the notion of using local languages as the medium of instruction in Ghanaian schools. This online series aims to enhance understanding of some basic Science.


ADA has identified a couple of topics that we find necessary and urgent to discuss. We hope to use this media to throw more light on these themes. Kindly pass them on when you find them helpful. Yɛdaase!

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[gva_icon_box title=”Mission” icon=”gv-icon-80″ description=”INDEPENCE; Mentally, Economically, Culturally.” icon_position=”top-left-title” icon_width=”fa-2x” icon_radius=”radius-5x” icon_shadown=”true”]
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