Global education  is an educational concept. It sees itself as an educational response to the demands that we have to face as a result of the globalization of all life processes. The goal of global education is to find common ways to keep our world worth living in.

Global education creates a connection between global contexts and one’s own life. There are answers to the question “What does that have to do with me?” and shows ways to actively work for a fairer world. The focus is not only on negative developments of globalization. New ways of communication, better living conditions and cultural exchange are some of the positive developments/impacts. Life in the “global village” gives rise to new learning processes that help develop individual and collective skills and promote joy, friendships and solidarity.

Global education  is process-oriented and supports learning from one another at eye level. The methods of Global Education aim at a holistic access to global contexts. They enable learning with all senses through appropriate images, stories, objects and joint activities.