Streetwise _ El-Ahmahd B.K. Akuffo

Name:El-Ahmahd B.K. Akuffo

Skill: Tailor, Neating

Shop’s name: Ben Kush’s Fashion wear

Primary Needs: 3 Machines, Shop

Secondary Needs: Website, Business cards,

Face 1

Repairing spoiled machine to start working at home

Providing him with entrepreneurship learning materials

Linking him to a mentor

Him training at least 1 kid from Sankofa Mmofra fie

Face 2

Providing him with 1 more machine

Acquiring  a shop

Him training at least 5 kids from Sankofa Mmofra Fie

Face 3

1 more machine


Business card

Training at least 10 kids from Sankofa

Offering workshops in institutions

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