ADA Education Center aims to house alternative and global education in Ghana. We intend to supplement the education system in Ghana by providing space, resources, and ideas. The center will serve as an embodiment of contemporary African rooted knowledge, supporting mental, physical and spiritual development.
The building concept is precolonial, and futuristic West Africa. Made in Ghana products, upcycling and ecology are core building values. Infrastructures include, IT center, physics lab, space for creative arts, space for workshops &conferences, space for exhibitions, accommodation, and playground. The facilities will be open to local institutions for free, but corporate bodies and private people would be charged to help sustain the center economically.
Since this project is directly connected to the local community and schools, we would be working with them in the building and designing process. We aim to raise 3 million cedis for the first phase of this project, and to launch it in 2026.

Sketch Coming Soon