[gva_box_color text_style=”white” title=”Workshops” image=”4263″ color=”#821803″ height=”500px”]In educational events, different perspectives on ADA topics are presented and discussed in a controversial manner. Through interactive methods, awareness of thought and behavior patterns is sharpened and skills are developed that help to cope with today’s everyday life. Methods include; role plays, quizzes, pictures, realia, games, movement, etc. The participants are also enabled to actively participate in political processes for sustainable development. Workshops can be offered as short (60 -180 minutes) or long term projects(days/weeks/months) in institutions.[/gva_box_color]
[gva_box_color title=”Online ” image=”4266″ color=”#964522″]In the age of technology, we reach out to our audio-visual learners by putting together a variety of educational content across our youtube channel and social media. As much as we encourage less screen time, we hope to do some good with this medium of communication.[/gva_box_color]